How you can find a capoeira class in Japan?


Japan is one of the the most popular countries in Asia about Capoeira.There is at least one Capoeira class in each prefecture. There are some capoeira schools in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi.

However, like other countries, capoeira is still poorly recognized in Japan.
If you ask someone on the street about the location of a capoeira class, you’re unlikely to get a good answer.

As in other countries, websites are very helpful in finding capoeira classes.
SNS will also be very helpful. Many capoeira teachers in Japan are middle-aged, they tend to use Facebook a lot (2023).

However, one thing to be aware of is that most Japanese websites are written in Japanese. If you would like detailed information such as classroom location, class times, etc., please check by sending a direct message to the classroom teacher.

Our classroom “Capoeira Gerais Tokyo” has a website for classes in English and Portuguese.

Capoeira Gerais Tokyo <English site><Portuguese site>

Capoeira class in each Japanese city

There are some capoeira classes in large cities like Tokyo and Osaka. There are both Regional and Angola styles, and roda events are held somewhere every weekend in Tokyo.

Gunma, Hamamatsu, and Aichi have Brazilian communities, and you often see Brazilian teachers who speak Portuguese.

There are capoeira classes in other prefecture, but they may be limited to major big cities as capitals.

Information about events such as roda and batizado is mainly posted on Facebook. You might ask one of the classroom teacher directly.